Two Year Update

     Two years!  Can you believe it?!  It’s been two years since my wife and I took a leap of faith and left Fayetteville, North Carolina to move to Athens, AL.   I left being a full-time traveling musician-singer-songwriter-entertainer-comedian-impressionist-countryrapper artist chasing my dreams.  haha.   My wife left being a Part-time CPT, and FULL-TIME Licensed Cosmetologist with a huge clientele from ALL walks of life.  Some of those folks would drive an hour or even two hours to come get their hair did by Hannah.  We both left careers we worked really really hard on for something even bigger than what we thought we were moving to.  See, I thought I was moving to just be the worship leader of a little church out in Elkmont, AL… Hannah, well, Hannah didn’t even know.  Hannah was literally just trusting in God, and the process that He had worked out for us to move here.  

     Since moving here two years ago, it’s become so much more than we could’ve ever hoped for.  We have definitely had our struggles but it’s all been a part of our growth.  I believe neither myself nor Hannah has ever been stronger… physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I’m not saying we are perfect… haha.  NO WAY.   Every day has it’s own battles… Not one day goes by without some sort of test or trial. (Ya know? Ya have to keep it sharp!)  

I’ve found myself as more than just a worship leader.  I’m a Worship Pastor loving all of the Friendship Tribe.  I’m finding myself being able to be a blessing in so much more than just through a song.  God is teaching me how to step into a stronger leadership role but through serving our church and the people of the community.  Hannah and I have also taken on the role of the Friendship Young Adult Pastors!  CRAZY!  We are meeting almost every Monday night with a group of 18-25 yr olds and just hanging out, teaching the importance of the Gospel, and how it relates to our lives.  We are doing our best to let God speak through us;  We are learning so much more than I bet the students even are.  We love this group – NEXT YOUNG ADULTS. 

     Let me brag on my wife a little.   So she packed her life up, trusting God, trusting me,  after her and I spent some time in prayer and then God opened this door for me to come back to Alabama which is my home, born and raised… but her, it’s just a place she visited a few times with me.  But I think I can speak for her when I say that she always loved coming here and visiting and it always took a little piece of her heart.  Since, we have been back here, Hannah, has started working for Friendship too.  She applied for our Friendship Learning Center, they loved her and hired her as the Office Assistant.  Fast-Forward, they promote Hannah to the Assistant Director of the Friendship Learning Center!  WHAT?!  AMAZING!  Then they tell Hannah, we believe in you so much, we are going to pay you to go to school and get your Associates in Child Development!  #MINDBLOWN  My wife is acing her classes and through with her first year.  I couldn’t be more proud.  

     Y’all!  We are so excited about what God is doing and continues to do in our lives!  We still have a lot of growing to do, but it feels good to know we are just living a little more within His will for our lives!  Keep praying for us as we move forward, grow, and keeping walking through the doors that God opens for us!  

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