It’s been 5 months since I’ve posted, so I thought I would let ya in on what’s been going on so far in our short time we’ve been here in Alabama. For those of you that don’t know, back in May, my wife and I moved to Alabama. I had been gigging the last 10 years, and she’d been doing hair the last 5 years. We were getting burnt out on continuously living to work, passing each other and saying “Hey” somewhere in between. We did have some off-days where we got to spend time together, and evenings, but it just felt like it wasn’t enough. We felt like we were missing something, so we prayed, God answered, and led us to Friendship Church here in Athens, AL through one of my long-time friends, Mr. John David Crowe.

Fast forward just a little bit over 5 months down the road to where we are now. I’ve been leading at Friendship North in Elkmont on Sundays, and John David, being my boss, and our Creative Arts Pastor, He schedules me to lead our 2 contemporary services for our Main Campus (or Lucas Ferry Campus as we call it) occasionally. I also will fill in at Celebrate Recovery on occasion for their Friday Night services at our North Campus. We just started a new mid-week service called MidPoint on Wednesday nights. It has been a blessing to watch how many of our members from both campuses as well as first time guests have shown up for this special service. (Also, this is great opportunity for all of our service industry folks, as well as folks who just can’t make a weekend service) MidPoint is super casual, and laid back, but also a great time to get re-energized and pumped to serve an ALMIGHTY GOD!

Hannah has just been so busy here, but guess what? She’s not working at a salon, but she’s doing hair. She’s not working at a gym, but she is helping folks get healthy and inspiring them to eat healthier and make changes! A couple weeks in, and Hannah applied and now works at the Friendship Learning Center as the Learning Center Director’s Assistant! She is a beast! She does it all folks! Then out of nowhere, our amazing Executive Pastor, and the Pastor that we work directly under, Steve Dorning asked Hannah to be our North Campuses “Friendship North Children’s Director”!! WHAT?!? GOD IS GOOD! He is good regardless, but sometimes, when He sends blessings that you didn’t even know you wanted or needed, You have to SHOUT just a little louder, that HE is INDEED GOOD!

Just a little update!! Feel free to ask questions, or leave comments!! Maybe you want to read about a certain topic! Leave me ideas! I’m not very good about blogging on the reg. but I want to be better!
Our goal is to help you and inspire you to live a better life as the BEST YOU!

God Bless.

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